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Looking to grow your fan base and get streams?

Smart Artists Use Data

We work to give you data-backed insights and recommendations. Combining our insight on your goals, audience feedback and deep knowledge of current and upcoming trends to drive real streams FAST.

We understand viral content

As the creative minds behind several viral trends, we know how to make content that works the algorithm on every platform.  From influencers to ads to posts on your own page, we know how to identify what will or won’t work or create something from scratch.  Advertising is powerful, but without the right content (delivered in the right way) you’ll only achieve a fragment of the potential growth you’re capable of.

Get Fans That You Can Monetize

We believe in data-driven RESULTS, not empty promises. We only work to generate high quality activity, No bots, no promo tricks. We strive to connect artists with real people won will consume their brand long after the first encounter. We help artists build organic awareness, generate fans, nurture and then monetize their audience.


Here are some of the top services we offer to help build your brand.


Without the right content (delivered in the right way) you’ll only achieve a fragment of the potential growth you are capable of on TikTok and with out culture it’s impossible to connect and make the impact. We have a strong passion to bring great new music to the masses.

As the promoters of concerts with some of the top names in the industry since 2007, we know what it takes to build a brand to draw crowds and monetize them. We also know how to make content that triggers the algorithms on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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